Calculating rates, pricing jobs and projects always depends upon the type and volume of work being considered and its urgency. Our introductory offer is for a website text-check, concentrating on three pages you specify, for £40. This allows us to demonstrate methods and how we might help you.

Basic proofing of text, a strictly technical check, works out around £25 per hour or an average of £10 per page (typically about 320 words).

Copy editing and writing that involves creative/strategic considerations can cost between £35 and £50 an hour, depending on the nature and scale of the project. We can quote a job price, given a clear-enough brief and some negotiation.

Much of our work is described as co-writing, or 'English-to-English' translation. Our rates are generally like those mentioned, except for the very top-level stuff: executive summary, chairman's statement, crucial words in critical presentation. For such 'intensive' copy consultancy we charge £75 per hour. A project may involve a combination of these types of work. At every stage, establishing your requirements will be the process; we'll provide estimates and regular updates.

We'd be happy to assess a job for you, with no obligation. If the opportunity presents itself, try us with something while it's not urgent. Then we can discuss options and exchange views. You describe the objectives, we demonstrate how we might help and you decide whether it's of any use to you.

There's no reason why it should be any more complicated than that!

why we don't charge by the word:

'The more you say, the less people remember. The fewer the words, the greater the profit.' Felelon

'If it takes a lot of words to say what you have in mind, give it more thought.' Dennis Roch

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